About Us
We are forex traders/account managers and programmers.we have been trading since 9yrs ago
AND 8yrs as Programmer as of 2016,but we decided to let the world benefit from our trading system
and to know that through good trading automated EA you can run 10yrs of Profitable Trading without
failing or having big volume of drawdown....now the Name of our Automated trading system is called
FrontRunnerAutoExitEA .We have been trading this system for long,that is why i garanteed
traders success trading with our EA. back then when we started trading i discovered that ony way
to make forex a pure investment portfolio is to trade without emotion which is impound on good
automated system like our EA (we just sleep while our money work for us big time

About FrontRunnerAutoExitEA
one thing i tell traders and our investors is reason why our EA can never fail is..simple it trading
rules is not base on indicators....but pure principle that Governs the forex Market,chart
patterns..copuled with a grobal principle of time which we got fron clock and implement it on forex
and it worked misteriously, and trade structure auto detection....
FrontRunnerAutoExitEA can scalp if noticed that the trend is failing..it can stay long on trade if it
discovers that the trend is still trending...one thing about this EA is robostness....just for fun..we
backTesting this EA fron 1993 till date...yet FrontRunnerAutoExitEA did not fail...
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