Question:  I donít have any experience on Forex Trading; can I still trade profitably ?
Answer:    yes of course, FrontRunnerPipStrikePlusRobot is for novice as well as for professional traders.
Question:   Is FrontRunnerPipStrikePlusRobot a full Automated EA?
Answer:     Yes, it is full Automated and for metatrader terminal.
Question:   What Account Leverage is required for this EA?
Answer:     it Works with any leverage.

Question:   What Account balance recommendations for this EA?
Answer:     it can trade an amount but we recommend 0.01 For $300.
Question:    Which currency pairs can be traded with the FrontRunnerPipStrikePlusRobot EA?
Answer:      FrontRunnerPipStrikePlusRobot can trade all pairs but we advice traders to choose those
pairs with low spread,like major pairs "usdchf,eurusd,Usdjpy*gbpusd*,eurgbp*,gbpchf*,cadchf*.etc
Question:    Can you recommend some currency pairs out of these for optimum performance?
Answer:      we choose usdchf,eurusd,Usdjpy*,usdcad,gbpusd*,eurgbp*,chfjpy*,gbpchf*,cadchf
Question:    Which timeframe does FrontRunnerPipStrikePlusRobot?
Answer:      FRPS+ROBOT can works on all timeFrames but we recommended timeFrame
Question:    Is it difficult to setting it up ?
Answer:      It is very easy, less than a minute.

Question:    must i set FrontRunnerPipStrikePlusRobot External settings  ?
Answer:      Yes use the manual that came with the Robot.

Question:    If I got any problem or doubt regarding FRPS+ROBOT, Do you have any support?
Answer:      We have exceptional customer support. Our experts are available 24x7 a week for assistance.

Question:    I already have an account with a forex broker. Can I setup the EA on my existing account?
Answer:      Of course! FrontRunnerPipStrikePlusRobot can be setup on the MT4 terminals. It doesnít
matter how long you have opened it.

Question:   My broker is 5 Digit (means it shows prices like 1.51045 instead of 1.5104), will FRPS+ROBOT work?
Answer:     Yes, it'll work. It automatically adjusts itself according to the 4digit or 5 digits as the case may be.

Question:   what system do FRPS+ROBOT work on hedging,arbitage,etc?
Answer:     FRPS+ROBOT is a complete trading system that accept all broker policy,work fine on US AND NON US brokers.

Question:  Will you provide optimum values of all parameters of FRPS+ROBOT?
Answer:    Of course! all defaults values are optimum values.

Question:  Does FRPS+ROBOT require any kind of human intervention?
Answer:    FRPS+ROBOT is a fully automated forex trading software. It doesnít require any kind of human intervention.

Question:  What happens if I lose internet connectivity for a short time?
Answer:    It is highly recommended that your internet must be connected throughout the trading hours. But if you got disconnected internet then no need to worry FrontRunnerPipStrikePlusRobot got your SL tightened.

Question:  Can I leave the EA running over night?
Answer:    Of course! FRPS+ROBOT is a fully automated system and it doesnít require any human intervention.
Question:  Do I need to keep on watching the Trading terminal and EA?
Answer:    No need to watch it continuously. You can leave the EA running while you are at work or sleep.
Question:  Do I need to turn off the EA in weekend days (Saturday & Sunday)?
Answer:    No need to turn off the EA in weekend days.

Question: does FrontRunnerPipStrikePlusRobot work with ECN brokers?
Answer: Of course! it works well with ECN brokers.

Question: Lastly, what is martingale in external value of the EA?
Answer: the martingale is ability to increase and auto decrease your lot,but it always turn off,but you can enable it if you like to auto increase you trading lots.
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