* How to use
FrontRunnerPipScalperRobot Settings..*

FrontRunnerPipScalperRobot is an EA with multiple global trading system on it, but you have to choose according to your balance amount,the system was all tested in $200 balance account like diagram below...

but pls we recommend you always trade above recommend or tested amount as the risk nature of forex is,especially first on demo before going live....
The advantage all users have with this EA is you can trade with any amount with high speed money growth;
just use the settings of your balance....

As usual, we always advice traders to use on demo any new features or settings before going live with it,to make sure they are satisfied on the opening and exit of the system or ok with the risk especially where it relates to balance and lot to choose.

*Advantage of scalping is you can be there watching your trades once you get desired amount of profit,you can stop for the day for those who like watching trades,which is not neccecary if you have things to cash/catch up with...

Note : this is strictly how to use FrontRunnerPipScalperRobot,if you want to know how to install the EA on mt4 chart pls follow this link here on Installation of FrontRunnerPipStrikePlusRobot......

                        Now below are the meaning of scalper settings on
FrontRunnerPipScalperRobot .
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Now this is the color discription of settings on FrontRunnerPipScalperRobot

now to narrow your choice of best settings or system to try before going live check the representations of marked color in the EA window.

Those marked in
red color are design for traders with medium balance amount,not neccecary big amount but we consider should incase of drawdown,thats why we said it design for big amount.Note we advice you to start out with 2 pairs base on your balance,later you can add more if you like...

Those marked in
black color are design for traders with little amount of money, especially Runner_miner5AA, group settings

Those with
green color are design for trader with big balance amount

some traders like single position system where the EA open just 1 position and stop for the day on that pair if TP is hit or reached..choose or try those settings on
orange color stroked on the system settings on the diagram.

This arrow represent where the system started and where it ended,pls one of this setting must be put to true for the EA to trade.Note if more than 2 settings are marked True the EA will not trade.

This right blacket
yellow color is the grouping of the system..

     How do you arrange it on your MT4 chart,look at the diagram below