* How to use
FrontRunnerPipScalperRobot Settings..*

FrontRunnerPipScalperRobot is an EA with multiple global trading system on it, but you have to choose according to your balance amount,the system was all tested in $200 balance account like diagram below...

but pls we recommend you always trade above recommend or tested amount as the risk nature of forex is,especially first on demo before going live....
The advantage all users have with this EA is you can trade with any amount with high speed money growth;
just use the settings of your balance....

As usual, we always advice traders to use on demo any new features or settings before going live with it,to make sure they are satisfied on the opening and exit of the system or ok with the risk especially where it relates to balance and lot to choose.

*Advantage of scalping is you can be there watching your trades once you get desired amount of profit,you can stop for the day for those who like watching trades,which is not neccecary if you have things to cash/catch up with...

Note : this is strictly how to use FrontRunnerPipScalperRobot,if you want to know how to install the EA on mt4 chart pls follow this link here on Installation of FrontRunnerPipStrikePlusRobot......

                                    Now below are Capital Protection on
FrontRunnerPipScalperRobot .
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Now this is the color discription of settings on FrontRunnerPipScalperRobot

Note always try each update on demo before going live,you are free to report any bug detected..

Activate_HiddenTP: if its set to true that means its activated,but if its False which mean is deactivated.
HiddenTP: is where you set your desired HiddenTakeProfit, default is 20pips,but you can set to any value you want.Advantage is if your TakeProfit fails it to activate HiddenTP will close all your position on 20pips.

Activate_DrawdownPercent:  this is another capital protection on FrontRunnerPipScalperRobot.If its set to true that means its activated but if its false which means its not acftivated.
DrawdownPercent: here is where you determines amount of risk in percentage % you are willing to risk should in cases of capital drawback or drawdown.this place you can set any amount you like to protect you capital. default is 50%