* European new trading law what do it mean to you?

* How do it affect you if you are under the brokers Law regulation

* How to use
FrontRunnerPipStrikeRobot on them..

what is leaveage:
its a wage or support that sustains capital when on lossing position and helps you boost profit on financial market...on a simple definition. some calls it brokers free money,once its absent or low,that means you trade with your own money or need more money to make little profit...you can read about leverage on net..

how does it affects you as a trader once its absent?
you make little profit and your open losing positions can be automatically close out by low leverage ,there by affecting your chances of holding positions before profit..

leverage ranges from 1:1 to 1:1000 etc
this help traders to sustain losing position till it gets to profit..

Now am FrontRunnerPIPStrikeRobot user my broker is affected what should i do ?
The new regulation to the affected brokers is reducing your profit and getting you to deposit more to earn less or mildly and also you will likely place less trades not to go beyond limit of the given leverage....

Now do this on the setting.... For Longterm settings mode
just set "
Runner_SystemD1 to true". and turn false "Runner_SystemMx to false".

Now whats the settings all about..? it limits your positions to 1 single position per pair there by allowing you to trade as many pairs as you like..balancing with the new regulation, you  can as well reduce the pairs you trade to balance their new law regulation if need be base on the capital you trade with...

finally if it becomes unbearable,you should change to new broker without such regulation outside europe...thanks
For shortterm exit system without leaving you trades to be open always.just short term profit strategy

Finally test this new settings on demo before going live with it to make sure your ok with it...
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